Mr. Raychev is a sociologist, philosopher, university professor and entrepreneur in Eastern Europe. He was born in 1955 and before 1989, he was head of the Institute of Social Sciences and Youth in the Central Committee of the Komsomol. He was also one of the founders of the socio-democratic movement named “The Road to Europe” in early 1989. He was reknown for his conviction for reform of the communist system. In 1990 he became founder and CEO of the first public opinion research center in Bulgaria.

Immediately after the democratic reform, together with his partner Kancho Stoychev, they created a chain of Gallup International Institutes in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Moldova, Afghanistan, etc. Mr. Stoychev is currently president of the global Gallup International Assosiation. Andrey Raychev was among the first sociologists to have worked in the field during the war conflict in former Yugoslavia.

The series of discussions aims to study the opinions of young political and social scientists in Europe in regard of the 30th anniversary of the end of the Cold war.

His lecture “The invisible structures of the transition in Eastern Europe” will present a holistic approach analysis to the mechanisms of social change in the former socialist countries, as well as the 5 taboos which were the deep roots of political transformation after 1989. He will examine and put under discussion the network architecture of the societies in Central and Eastern Europe and their reaction to the post-transitional change today. His talk will challenge the question: why is it that post-transitional societies have never lived better, but also never felt worse. And thus, he will examine the mass and deep disappointment in and from “Eastern Europe”.

Privileged Perspectives

“All work is directed only to the aim or end, and when it is attained, people are surprised to find
nothing else but just the very thing which they had wished for.”

Georg Wilhelm Hegel